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Long Box Horseback How To

Length: 0:03:45

"How To Series" breaks down Pilates exercises with progressive layers. Each layer focuses on a specific challenge - for example lumbopelvic stability or shoulder girdle stabilization. With verbal and tactile cues, props and attention to proper form and alignment you will learn to execute and/or teach with ease and success.

For Teacher Training, follow these steps: 1. Watch video. Take notes. 2. Move through exercises along with video focusing on your own body awareness. 3. Take precise notes - using rewind and pause to write down the exact verbal cues. Precision makes a difference. 4. Use your notes to say verbal cues outloud while performing exercise. This will help you achieve the proper rhythm and flow for your voice. 5. Use all you have learned with a "body" - best to work with family and friends or one of your peer instructors.

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