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Barre Mentoring - Safety & Set Up Cues Series Part One

Length: 0:19:44

Barre Workout is one of the most useful, fun and effective ways to improve standing alignment, balance and stability. Balanced Body Barre uses Pilates Movement Principles to help you improve posture, tone your entire body and feel joy of movement.

Barre Mentoring - Set Up & Safety Cues Series will teach you the essential verbal cues to get your clients in the correct position for safety and proper form. Begin your mentoring experience with this 20 minute workout. Track 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the Balanced Body Barre Method. This is an excellent format for newer teachers because there is no arm work added to the standing Barre choreography.

Focus: Verbal Cues to help attain proper set up and positioning in Second Position; First Position; Chair (Squat) and Barre Legs (Standing Abduction)

Two viewings can be counted towards one hour of your Apprentice Hours for both Barre and Mat Pilates.

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