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Reformer One Flow ~ Part One

Length: 0:20:58

Basic Reformer - First 20 Apprentice Hours Series is to be used with Reformer Teaching Drills - 3 Reps to Move. These two series give you the basic foundation of how to cue simply and effectively. In 3 Reps to Move you will learn Transitions, Starting Positions and the basic Movement Sequence cues. In Basic Reformer - First 20 Apprentice Hours you will be building on the 3 Reps to Move verbal cues in order to add 8-10 repetitions per exercise. You will learn how to use one simple cue theme at a time so that client can master the most important components of each exercise.

You must get your client moving before you begin to correct them. Movement Heals as Joseph Pilates said - the first few reps should be focused on the movement and the technique. Only after they are moving with rhythm and flow will you be using correctional cues.

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